Thursday, May 17, 2007

Want to go the Theater and see plays in English while in Paris?

From May 21 for 6 consecutive Mondays: American Blues with 3 short plays by Tennessee Williams: "Auto-da-Fé", "Why do you smoke so much Lily" and "Hello from Bertha". With original blues live.

Summer tour with showcase performances in Paris from October onwards, to include at least 1 performance of each production at 21h (requested by frustrated working theatregoers).

 Professional theater in English in Paris to bring you the beauty of original texts by famous authors
 English Rep at the Sudden every Monday at 7 pm from January to June, October to December.
Reservations in English 01 46 06 66 10 or 01 73 75 79 13
Where: Sudden Theatre
14bis rue Sainte-Isaure,
75018 Paris. Reservations


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