Monday, March 09, 2009

The Bois de Boulogne

This Park is a remainder of the belt of forests, which surrounded old Lut├Ęce. It was initially called Bois of Rouvray, because it was primarily planted with oaks. It was used as hunting ground to kings of France. The church of Boulogne-the-Small, which was built there, gave its name to the park which, since 1417, is indicated more only under the name of Boulogne. With the revolution, the park will know an almost complete destruction.

Under Bonaparte, great work of afforestation is undertaken. In 1852, Napoleon III yields it to the town of Paris. Under the direction of the Baron Haussmann, important work of rehandlings is undertaken. This work followed closely by Napoleon III and the Eugenie Empress, so strongly marked these places which one can still recognize, in the broad outline of the park of today, that of the Second Empire. The park of Boulogne covers a surface of 845 hectares including 315 hectares of forest solid mass, that is to say 142.000 trees and 300.000 shrubs.

It offers many places of relaxation and leisure, cultural activities and sporting exercises: Garden of the poets Greenhouses of Auteuil Pre Catelan Shakespeare garden Horse clubs Childish attractions, horse-gears, swings, Coffees places, restaurants.

Th ePark is minutes walk from the Flat -


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