Sunday, October 08, 2006

Finally a law forbidding SMOKING in FRANCE: Effective in two stages Feb2007 and 2008

I have been waiting for this law for so many years, finally it will take effect in 2007  and in 2008 in cafes and Restaurants. The city of Paris will soon be more enjoyable...

French smokers are bracing for a major culture shock in the coming months as the country prepares to follow several of its European neighbours and enact a ban on smoking in public places.
On Saturday, a parliamentary committee recommend a prohibition, and Health Minister Xavier Bertrand  indicated a government decision has been taken.

Health Minister Xavier Bertrand fired the opening shot last month when he said he would like to ban smoking in places like restaurants and work spaces, but would exempt nightclubs, casinos and France's 34,000 tabacs, or bars that sell tobacco. He said he wanted the ban to be announced by decree in October and implementedin February.

Passions flared again last week after the newspaper Le Monde published the initial conclusions of a parliamentary commission that is due to report to the health minister in October. The commission came out against a decree, saying that the ban should be enacted as law after parliamentary debate. It also advocated a total ban on smoking; the only exception, it said, should be in private homes.
There is 66,000 people dying every year from cigarettes in France. The country has nearly 12 million smokers, or about a fifth of the population, according to Insee, (the national statistics institute)

A strong majority of people in France (78 %) favors a ban on smoking in public places, according to a survey conducted in February by the IFOP institute. The survey canvassed smokers and nonsmokers.


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