Friday, October 06, 2006

About the Pont MIRABEAU

Built in 1893.

Width 20 m.

Three metal arches of 32, 93 and 32 m, seven steel cantilever girders.

Each girder has two symmetrical halves, each supporting the other at the keystone by means of a hinge.

Supported on piers by picot pins; supports on abutments with pin tie.

Abutments on piles.

There is a recording of the poet's APOLLINAIRE voice reading his verses on cylinder, before the death of Apollinaire, by the Studio-Laboratoire des Archives de la Parole (Voice Archive Studio-Laboratory) which had started to record famous voices in 1911 at the Sorbonne. This is certainly the oldest recording to celebrate the Seine. The Pont Mirabeau dates back to 1893. Its three arches are very beautifully worked in steel. This was carried out by RĂ©sal, the engineer on Alexander III bridge and the Debilly footbridge. With this material it was possible to bring the central arch to a height of 100 m, which would not have been possible had stone been used. Its delicate parapet gives it an old-fashioned charm, and four plump bronze statues stand astride the prows of boats that form the cutwaters of the piers.


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