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"Must Know" French words before your trip

Appartement – Apartment
Arborée – lots of trees/green space
Ascenseur – Lift, elevator
Avec – With

Baie fenêtre - Bay windows
Balcons – Balcony
Bâtiment – Building
Bien distribué – Well laid out
Bon état - Good condition
Bonne exposition – Good aspect
Buanderie – Wash house/laundry room/utilities room

Calme - Quiet
Carreau – Floor tiles
Carrelage - Tiles
Cave – Cellar
Chambre – Bedroom
Chambres des bonnes - Small independent rooms often with shared water facilities
Charmant - Charming
Chauffage au sol - Under floor heating
Chauffage au gaz - Gas heating
Chauffage collectif – Heating controlled by the building
Chauffage électrique - Electric heating
Chauffage individuel – Individual heating (as opposed to heating from the building)
Cheminée – Chimney
Clair – Light and airy
Coin cuisine – Corner kitchen
Comprenant – Comprising of
Compris(es)– Included
Concierge - Caretaker
Couloir - Corridor
Cour - Courtyard
Cuisine - Kitchen
Cuisine ammenagé – Kitchen with cupboards but no equipment or white goods
Cuisine Equipé – Fully equipped kitchen (usually only found in furnished rentals)

Dépot de garantie - Deposit
Deux pas – Very close
Digicode – Security coded entry
Disponible le – Available from
Double exposition – Double aspect
Double vitrage – Double-glazing
Duplex – On two levels (floors)

Eau chaude par cumulus électrique – Hot water from electric water tank
Ensoleillé – Sunny
Entrée - Entrance hall
Escalier – Staircase
Étages – Floors with in the building (ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, etc)
Évier- Kitchen sink
Exposée – Facing (north/south/east/west – nord/sud/est/ouest)

Fonctionnelle – Functional/practical
Four – Oven
Frais d'agence - Agency Fees

Garage intérieur – Internal Garage (i.e. in the building)
Gardien (ienne) – Guardian
Grand standing – Luxury

Honoraires – Fees (usually agents fees)
Hôtel particulier - Mansion

Immeuble – Building
Impeccable – Immaculate
Interphone - Interphone

Jardin privatif – Private garden

Lambrissé - Panelled
Lavabo – Wash basin
Loft – Open plan apartment (not necessary in the attic)
Logement – Lodgings/accommodation
Loyer - Rent
Luminosité – Naturally well lit

Maison – House
Maison de ville – Town house
Maison individuelle – Detached house
Maison jumelle – Semi detached house
Maison mitoyennes - Semi detached house
Mansarde - Attic (room with a sloping roof)
Moquette - Carpet
Moulures – Plaster mouldings and decorative finishes
Meublé - Furnished
Mobilier et installations – Furniture and fittings
Mois - Month
Murs - Walls

Niveaux – Levels
Nombreux - Numerous

Orientée – Facing (north/south/east/west – nord/sud/est/ouest)

Palier - Landing
Papier Peint – Wall Paper
Parking – Designated parking place
Parquet – Wooden floor
Peinture - Paint
Penderie – Closet (hanging storage)
Pièces – Rooms (only applies to living areas, not kitchens, bathrooms, halls etc
Pierre de taille – Haussmann style buildings/ cut stone
Placard - Cupboards/wardrobes
Plaque électrique – Electric hob
Plaques de cuisson - Hob
Plafond – Ceiling
Plancher – Floor
Porte blindée – Security door (required by most insurance company)
Porte vitrée- French window
Premier étage – Floor above the ground floor (ground floor = Rez-de-chaussée)
Près – Near
Privatif - Private
Proche – Near
Proximité - Close by

Rangements – Storage (cupboards/wardrobes)
Refait à neuf – recently redecorated
Repeint - repainted
Rez-de-chaussée - Ground floor
Rue privée – Private road

Sans - Without
Salle à manger – Dinning room
Salle de bain - Bathroom
Salle de douche – Shower room
Salle d'eau – shower room
Salon – Lounge/ living room
Séjour – Living room
Sol – Floor within the apartment or house
Soleil assure – good sun light
Sous-sol – Underground/Basement
Style moderne – Modern style
Studio – one room apartment
Sur – on

Tapisserie - Wallpaper
Tout confort moderne – All the mod-cons

Verdoyant – Green space
Vide - Unfurnished

Vestibule – Hall
Villa – detached house
Vue degage – Clear view
Vues – Views

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