Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cinemas in Paris

Cinemas in Paris

Paris has more cinemas than any other city in the world (more than London or New York). Prices are cheap, usually less than 8 Euros, and some cinemas offer cards of 5 tickets for around 30 Euros (UGC). The best of all is the UGC Cite Ciné in Les Halles, near the church of St Eustache: more than 20 screens with the most terrific sound systems and wide screens. Most films are shown in their original language version ("vo") but with French subtitles.

The most romantic is Le Grand Rex, with 3000 seats and a star-gliding ceiling that makes you feel as if you are in an open-air cinema. This place is so beautiful it has been classified as an historical monument. 75002. Métro Bonne Nouvelle.

You have a large choice of Cinema on the Champs Elysees and the "quartier latin" as well.

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