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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I view a property before committing?

It is possible if you are on site to look at it, assuming there no guests at the flat at that moment. If you want to check out the area, the exact location is shown on the location link.

What is the minimum let?

Unless otherwise stated our minimum length of stay is 3 nights.  You can of course pay for the minimum number of nights but stay for fewer if you wish.

How many people can stay?

Unless expressly agreed otherwise the maximum number of people who may occupy the property is 4.

What's included in the price?

The rental price includes the use of the property as a holiday rental, utilities (water, gas and electricity), use of the telephone (free phone calls to US and Canada and free incoming calls on the French line). Use of towels (one set - hand towel, wash cloth and bath towel per person) and linen. No administration charge.

How do I get to my property?

We can arrange a car to meet you at the airport if you wish. Costs vary depending on the car company, their available vehicles and where you are going. Expect to pay Euros 60-80 depending on which airport you are landing in and how many people you have in your party.

What time can we arrive?

For most arrivals you will be able to go into your property when you arrive in Paris. However occasionally, if the property is being used the previous night (and we might well not know this at the time you make your booking), this may not be possible. In this case we will try to make arrangements for you to leave your bags at the property until it is ready, in the afternoon usually by 4 pm.
If you need guaranteed access first thing in the morning we suggest you make your booking starting from the day before.

Who will let me in?

Our representative will be at the property to welcome you, let you in and tell you all about the property. At the same time he will introduce you to Paris and the immediate area, covering such important points as where the local shops and restaurants are and how the transport system works. You'll also be asked to sign our inventory  - available for inspection on request, and fax it to us on your arrival. You will be provided with 2 sets of keys.

What about early or late arrivals?

If you are arriving outside our normal hours, you will have to pay an extra fee for late arrival and pay for the night before for early arrival.

What about a stroller and toys for your baby?

We can supply both at no charge.

Are there washing and ironing facilities?

Our property has a combined washer/dryer, iron and iron board.

What condition will the property be in?

Our property has been carefully selected and is of a standard appropriate to the price charged. It will always be clean and tidy.

 Our flat has been rated as luxury with 4 stars by professional from France and the US.

What is the starter pack?

It's provisions for a light, continental style, breakfast and snacks for the first couple of days of your stay: croissants, butter, jams, tea and coffee, sugar, milk and fruit juice, plus any special requests - subject to price and availability.
You can find all these products on site at your request.

Cleaning products, soap for the washing machine paper towel, toilet paper will be present at no extra cost

Can I use the telephone?

Of-course. Free calls to the US and Canada, and free incoming calls on the French line.

Do I need to bring an electrical converter? France is on 220/240 volts as opposed to the North American 110/120 system. We put converter in the flat for your convenience.

Is there Internet access?

Our flat has high speed, broadband, Internet access and is complimentary.

Is there a vacuum cleaner?

Yes two of them on site for your convenience.

What do I do when I leave?

With the exception of the laundry, you are expected to leave the property in the same state as you found it. Our manager will be on hand to see you out. Check out is normally by 10.00 am but may be a little later by prior agreement. However if you do need to be guaranteed to be able to stay after 10.00 am (for late pm departures) we suggest you book the property for the following night as well.

When will I get my deposit back?

We will send your security-deposit less any charges incurred - extra cleaning (if required), damages etc. within 7 days of your departure.

What happen if I loose the Keys?

Expanses to cover the cost of Keys replacement will be taken from the deposit.

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