Paris is one of the most sought-after locations to vacation today, and finding a nice place to stay is never very easy. The hotel rooms are generally small and expensive. But we have an option you might not have considered - Vacation Apartment Rental. Stay in a Parisian's home for your week abroad. These units are usually dedicated to vacationers, but sometimes they are only available while the owner is vacationing themselves. The options are endless. Look at all of your options and make a choice.

Our blog provides you with valuable information for your trip to Paris. There are many vacation rentals to choose from. Be sure you know what district you are looking for. Districts 1-5 are popular, and are in the heart of Paris. District 16 is a beautiful upscale district close to the Eiffel Tower, and an excellent choice for many vacationers.

Having owned and operated a vacation rental ourselves, we are very very familiar with what it takes to have a great vacation in Paris.